Auto Accidents involving defective products – the new China syndrome

Alabama has recently enacted more corporate welfare for those injured by defective products, including companies that cause auto accidents resulting in wrongful death. Here is the scenario: a U.S. company imports garbage products from China. The Chinese company is insulated from liability because our partisan U.S. Supreme Court held that there is no jurisdiction over the Chinese company EVEN THOUGH THEY MAKE BILLIONS FROM THE U.S. CONSUMER! Therefore, our enlightened legislators enacted more corporate welfare with a law that insulates the distributor, importer, etc. This makes it almost impossible to file a case. However, there is still hope for people suffering severe permanent injury or wrongful death. File suit in a state other than Alabama if there are companies in the chain of distribution located in another state. My good defense lawyer friend, who works at a big firm, asked why there are no more cases being filed in Alabama. Just look at what the Courts and legislature do in this State and on a national level. Good luck -especially when using Chinese products.