• 21st January 2013

Eighteen wheeler accidents are not the same as a “normal” car accident. A truck has a massive amount of force behind it making the injuries much worse. Trucks must also follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations which place higher duties on trucking companies and drivers, e.g., driving time in…

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  • 18th January 2013

Whether the death of a loved one is due to a car accident, truck accident, boating accident, motor cycle accident, work injury, or nursing home abuse, the money obtained through a verdict or settlement is subject to probate law. If one has a will or not, wrongful death money is…

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Personal Injury Coupled With Wrongful Death

  • 12th March 2012

Under Alabama law, only punitive damages are recoverable for wrongful death. However, if a lawsuit is filed before the person passes away AND the death was caused by the act made the basis of the original lawsuit, other damages like pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages (up until the…

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Car Accident – Subrogation claims by Insurance Companies

  • 3rd February 2012

Recently, the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals ruled that persons injured in car wrecks do not have to pay back there own insurance company the full amount of money that the insurance company paid out under the medical payments portion of the persons automobile  policy. Under the “common fund doctrine”…

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