Car accident and underinsured motorist coverage

  • 17th January 2012

If you have uninsured motorist coverage on one or more of your vehicles, you still maybe entitled to additional money even if you are hurt in an accident and the at-fault driver has insurance. Although it is called uninsured motorist coverage, this insurance also applies to underinsured motorists as well,…

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Maritime – Offshore Injuries

  • 26th December 2011

There are a patchwork of laws that apply to offshore and/or maritime injuries. First, one must determine the “status” of the injured victim. Longshoreman? Seaman? Rig worker? Passenger? Other maritime worker? Next, one must determine the location of the injuries. Within three miles of the territorial sea? State waters? Waters…

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New Law- Wrongful Death Of A Baby Still In The Womb

  • 18th December 2011

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled that a “nonviable” fetus who passes away due to the wrongful conduct of another has a tort claim for wrongful death. Prior to this ruling, only a baby who could live outside the womb, a.k.a. a “viable” fetus, had such a claim. Although the Alabama…

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Auto Accidents involving defective products – the new China syndrome

  • 10th December 2011

Alabama has recently enacted more corporate welfare for those injured by defective products, including companies that cause auto accidents resulting in wrongful death. Here is the scenario: a U.S. company imports garbage products from China. The Chinese company is insulated from liability because our partisan U.S. Supreme Court held that…

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The Dangers of Holiday Driving

  • 4th December 2011

This is usually one of the best times of year for numerous reasons. However, it can also be the most tragic. With all the functions, parties, and shopping, people tend to be on the road frequently. Moreover, drinking and driving is more common now than at other times of the…

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